Safari at The Ark
Aberdare National Park, Kenya

The Ark is one of the few stilted tree-top type lodges where all you have to do is sit and wait for the animals to come to you.

Optional safari activities at The Ark in Aberdare National Park include game drives, mountain climbing, nature walks, golfing and fishing.

The Yasabara waterhole and salt-lick is frequented by great numbers of animals such as Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Bushbuck, as well as other rare creatures such as the Suni, and Genet Cat. Dinner and Breakfast are served 'on board' in the main dining room. Located on one of the viewing deck is a lounge and a bar which remains open all night for tea and coffee.

To enable guests to continue watching late into the night, the waterhole is floodlit from 18:00 hours to dawn. Spare blankets are available for guests’ use in the lounges. Children under the age of 7 are not permitted on The Ark unless on special 'Children’s nights'. Photographic flashlights are not permitted as some animals are startled by flashlights and will be scared away at once.

Layout of The Ark

'A' DECK Lounge

The 'A' Deck has a glassed-off viewing lounge, overlooking the waterhole. Settees enable you to view the game in comfort. Decorated in warm earth tones, the lounge affords guests a modicum of privacy in their viewing experience. Capacity is 10 seated.

'B' DECK Balcony

The 'B' Deck has an open balcony just above the salt-lick and waterhole, where the spotlights are aimed from. As it is open, it is exposed to a bracing chill and the view is literally breathtaking. Enjoy viewing the uninterrupted horizon and below you a vista of wildlife at close range. Capacity is 60 people standing.

'C' DECK Enclave

Just ahead of the main lounge, there is another glassed-off lounge, a designated non-smoking area, which affords a spectacular view of the waterhole. Four o'clock tea is served here. Capacity is 30 people.


The open-air balcony off the side of the lounge provides guests with an angled view of the waterhole and the small clearing before the advent of the dense forest, one of the routes used by game on their way to the waterhole. Chairs line the balustrade. Capacity is 25 people, seated.

'D' DECK (Photographic Hide)

There is a non-smoking 'bunker' at ground level through a door leading from a front lounge, from which animals can be seen at close range. As it has an open window guests are placed eye to eye with the game, and photographs taken from here are startling in quality. Capacity is 8 people. 

Glass Enclave

Another glassed-off, non-smoking lounge is located here. Based on the ground floor level, this viewing area gives guests a life-sized experience of the game. Capacity is 20 people seated.

The Catwalk

The catwalk is a useful place to observe both animals and birds, and is a pleasant place to walk. Birds are fed here every evening at 17:00 hours. Guests are not allowed beyond the gate.

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